EPI Company

We begin every day with a goal to improve the quality of life of our clients—it’s the guiding principle that drives us to do what we do. Our focus is on ensuring that our customers are happy, and we do that by providing a wide range of healthcare solutions at competitive prices. Each day, we are focused on creating the best experience for customers
EPI COMPANY ESTABLISHED IN 2013 , WE have more than 10 years of experience in the medical field.
EPI is medical devices , machinery , and general trading comapny in the Egyptian market.
We have several solo agencies in medical field and other market sectors
For example biomedical srl Italian , dispoasafe Indian ,tuoren china , sumbow medical china, matrix engineering Italian ,top glove sdn bhd malaysian, tg medical sdn bhd Malaysian , bergamot sdn bhd malysian , ugur Turkish company
Our expertise spans over a range of services across healthcare products and solutions for our suppliers, retailers and consumers

Our Mission

is to exceed its customers’ expectation by providing exceptional customer service and high quality products and services that effectively cater to the needs of their clients, through a highly motivated workforce

Our Vision

To empower the medical and patient community by introducing best in class quality health care products, superior and innovative surgical systems and solutions , with the aim of improving the standard of care in EGYPT


We started distributing medical devices and supplies from the importer and we established a presence in the Egyptian market and due to the confidence of our customers, we took the step of importing a luxurious product until we had many products and through our team we were able to increase the number of distributors in all markets

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